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The Daily Scratchcard At Virgin Games

Posted by Kath on: Tuesday, Oct. 21st 2014 7:03 AM

We all love casinos offers, there’s no denying that and players at Virgin Games right now can grab a different casino offer every day! The special week long promotion has started already but as it runs through until Sunday you have plenty of time to get involved, just log on daily and grab your Daily Scratchcard to see what you have won!

The Daily Scratchcard is available every day until Sunday 26th October and offers players a different casino offer every time they log in. From prize draws to cashback bonuses it’s different every day but you’ll need to visit Virgin Games and reveal your bonus.

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Casino Christmas Work Parties

Posted by Gareth on: Friday, Oct. 17th 2014 11:39 AM

It’s not even Halloween yet, but casinos are taking bookings for Christmas parties, and apparently they’re filling up already. Most casinos have a party package on offer which includes a drink, meal, and a free bet.

You may however want to forgo the casino package and sort out the evening yourself, as that way you and your colleagues get to spend some time at the tables under your own steam. If you are taking a group of people it may be better to offer them a bit more than a night within the four walls of a casino, but still have a bit of fun at the tables.

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Ladbrokes Casino Pulls Out Of European Countries

Posted by Kath on: Thursday, Oct. 16th 2014 7:22 AM

We’re hearing a lot of late about EU casino legislation and now after a review of the European casino framework and legislation, casino giants Ladbrokes have decided to pull its operations out of Hungary, Norway and Switzerland due to lack of clarity about gambling laws.

If you’re a casino player from any of these countries and you play at Ladbrokes Casino then unfortunately you will find that your casino account has been cancelled and any outstanding balance will be returned to you.

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Halloween Party At Raw Casino

Posted by Gareth on: Wednesday, Oct. 15th 2014 11:17 AM

Raw casino have got a load of promotions lined up for this year’s Halloween. We always look forward to this time of year, as there’s always an increase in bonus offers, and there’s usually a few prizes on offer just for depositing and playing.

Raw Casino have got some great promotions this month, but as always, please read instructions before you go ahead and spin you cash, as they don’t apply to all games.

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Germany Now Cracking Down On Casino Operators

Posted by Kath on: Tuesday, Oct. 14th 2014 9:00 AM

We’ve seen a huge shake up to the online casino industry in the UK and that’s still ongoing with a new tax, new regulation and a lot of changes. Some casino operators have decided it’s not worth the hassle and have pulled out of the market completely but with new regulation by the EU and now Germany, it seems that casinos really are going to have to pull up their socks!

Casinos can’t just close to entire countries, they really are going to have to get their game together to answer to the new regulation. Germany is a minefield of laws when it comes to online gambling and officially, all gambling not regulated by the state is outlawed. However, that doesn’t stop residents logging onto unlicensed casinos and other casinos around the world, something Germany is now trying to prevent.

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Phil Ivey Vs Crockfords Result

Posted by Gareth on: Friday, Oct. 10th 2014 11:35 AM

The ‘Tiger Woods of poker’ has lost his battle against Genting owned Crockfords Casino over a £7.7m unpaid winnings case. The case dates back to two nights in August 2012 when Phil racked up a huge amount of winnings playing Punto Banco, which is often viewed as the rich man’s punt, as there is little you can do to swing the game in your favour, unless, you have an ‘edge’.

Phil’s edge was that he was ‘edge sorting’, using visible card markings to guess the cards value, which can only be done if the dealer agrees to rotate the cards. Considered by players as a legitimate strategy, it is nevertheless seen as cheating by casinos.

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Blackjack Bonanza At Bet365 Casino

Posted by Kath on: Thursday, Oct. 9th 2014 7:51 AM

Bet365 Casino has been going from strength to strength with a strong database of players and a great ethic and that makes them likely to survive the upcoming shake up in the industry. The brand is fairly well established and offers some fantastic promotions and tournaments for players, ensuring there’s something to play for all month.

No one could forget the all famous Slots Club with monthly bonuses but Bet365 Casino also run some great table game tournaments too, like the Blackjack Bonanza coming up this Saturday, 11th October.

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Slot Reel Spinning Unhealthy?

Posted by Gareth on: Wednesday, Oct. 8th 2014 10:32 AM

The act of spinning the reels on slots games is obviously not unhealthy, however a recent survey of gamblers has concluded that slots players are indeed the most unhealthy of gamblers. recently undertook a survey of over 2,000 of their customers with questions relating to health and gaming preference. We are not sure what the aim of the research was (it could have been merely exploratory), but it did show correlations between poor health and spinning the reels.

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Win An Audi TT At Sky Vegas

Posted by Kath on: Tuesday, Oct. 7th 2014 7:00 AM

Sky Vegas is playing at Full Throttle this October with a roaring good promotion. It’s time to rev the engines and opt in for the promotion of the autumn with £5,000 in guaranteed rewards, and the chance to win a brand new Audi TT. Not a model, not a drive around the track in one, an actual brand spanking new Audi TT of your own!

There are over 300 qualifying games so you have absolutely loads of chances to join in as you play all your favourite games earning tickets for the Audi TT giveaway at Sky Vegas, but first you must opt in!

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The Bookies Get Responsible!

Posted by Gareth on: Monday, Oct. 6th 2014 10:24 AM

We’re not sure exactly what prompted the move but it’s good to see online gaming companies behaving in a responsible manner without being directly harangued into action by the Gambling Commission, the Advertising Standards Authority or the UK Department for Culture, Media and Sport.

Four of the UK’s biggest names in UK sports betting have agreed to remove free bets advertising on television from before the 9pm watershed. This is a voluntary move, and one that obviously had to be a multilateral decision, otherwise it wouldn’t have worked.

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